Onscreen New Zealand Diversity is an initiative based on Arezou Zalipour’s research and practice in New Zealand and her ongoing community and industry contributions. Onscreen New Zealand Diversity aims to explore and promote the question: “Is New Zealand ready for the real diversity on screen?”

The (In)Visible New Zealand Film festival is the first event associated with Onscreen New Zealand Diversity. It is a chance for people to see some of the diverse films being made in New Zealand. You’ll find some films familiar, but others you may have not heard before. These films remind us how New Zealand has grown and changed down in the far corner of the Pacific. Onscreen New Zealand Diversity invites you to browse the films in this collection and leave comments on how you could relate to these stories and representations, what do you believe would help enhance our understanding of diversity through New Zealand films and TV shows, or any other ideas, opinions, and thoughts, you may have or like to share.

Onscreen New Zealand Diversity will continue to engage New Zealanders with various forms of screen productions in New Zealand through events, activities, research, videos and media.

If you would like to to contact me, please feel free to email me at arezou.zalipour@waikato.ac.nz or leave your message through ‘Contact Us’ on the website.



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